Important Info

Please familiarise yourself with the information on this page before booking.

PLEASE NOTE: Walk leaders reserve the right to refuse to take anyone on a walk if that person, in the leader’s opinion, is inadequately equipped or if they place their own or others’ safety at risk.

How do I join a walk?

All walks must be pre-booked and numbers are limited.

To be able to book a walk, first create a user account at the Register page.

Have your Emergency Contact name and number ready as that's required information for every booking.

Booking for yourself...

Once bookings are open, and you are signed in, you'll see the Register button in the Walk Listings.

You can book multiple walks at once.

Booking for more than one...

Use the Group Bookings page.

You can book multiple people onto a single walk.

To book more than one walk, create a new order for each walk.

Which walk is for me?

Although the Walk Leaders do their best to set a pace to suit everyone, it is important to be sure that you are fit for the walks you choose. Some people visiting Northumberland for the first time are surprised by the wild beauty and that very few footpaths have firm, dry surfaces. Do not let this deter you from booking!

Walks are graded according to their length, steepness of ascent/descent and the terrain.You can check our grading system here and on each walk page. Please note that if we have bad weather before and during the Festival, each walk will be more difficult and may be longer or shorter than described, as an alternative route may be used to avoid hazards.

If you are unsure about whether a particular walk is for you, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

What walks can children do?

Anyone under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult who takes full responsibility for them. Please contact us if you wish to book a child’s place on a walk. Each request will be considered on an individual basis.

Additional Needs

In certain circumstances we are able to accommodate walkers with additional needs. Your safety and enjoyment of a walk are our priorities so, if you are uncertain about your ability to participate in or complete a walk, please contact us before booking  in order that we can assess your personal situation.

Can I access walks without private transport?

We know that some visitors to our Festival arrive without a car. Some walks have starting points accessible without driving, either because they begin at the Market Place in Haltwhistle, or because a coach leaves the Market Place for the starting point, or the starting point can be reached by public transport. These walks are indicated.

Whilst we attempt to give as much information as possible within the walk description, it is for our visitors to decide whether travelling to the starting point of a walk by public transport is a viable option for them.

Arriving on time

We ask that you arrive at the meeting place of a walk 10 minutes before the start of your chosen walk as walks will leave at the time specified.

If you have been held up for any reason, please contact the helpline given on the website. We will try to accommodate you but we also have to consider the other participants on the walk.

Our Walk Teams are not obliged to contact you if you are not present. This is left to the Walk Leader’s discretion.

What should I wear?


We recommend waterproof walking boots with good ankle support.


A waterproof and windproof jacket is strongly advised.  Waterproof overtrousers are recommended for rainy conditions. Gaiters help to protect lower legs in muddy/boggy areas.


Denim trousers are unsuitable for the sort of walking we do because the material becomes heavy and clings when wet.


To carry packed lunch, drinks and extra clothing (e.g. fleece, hat, gloves, etc).

Do I need to bring anything?

Some walks will indicate specific needs and it is useful to remember not only a packed lunch but plenty to drink, especially during warm weather.

You should also bring a personal First Aid kit. The Walk Teams provide a backup kit but please note that we are unable to issue any tablets or creams so we strongly advise that you carry anything you may need such as:

  • Paracetamol / ibuprofen / aspirin
  • Antihistamine cream
  • Blister plasters

You may also wish to consider carrying:

  • Sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera
  • Mask (depending on Covid regulations at the time of the Festival)

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that does not stop you walking but might, on a rare occasion, cause you some difficulty, please speak confidentially to the Leader at the beginning of the walk. Please bring any medication you may need with you and carry it in the top pocket of your backpack. This is where we will look first in the event of an emergency.

In Case of Emergency

Please place a small card with contact details in the top pocket of your backpack, even if you already hold this information in your mobile phone.


Are dogs allowed?

The presence of a dog can scatter livestock / wildlife and cause distress.  For this reason we do not allow dogs on any of our walks. We regret any disappointment that this may cause.


Official photos may be taken during the Festival for publicity purposes.  We shall assume your consent for this unless you inform us that you do not wish to be included. If you see a photo on our site that you do not like, either because it is of you or someone you know, please let us know and we will consider removing it.


We regret that we are unable to provide a refund if you must cancel a walk.  However, refunds will be made for any walks or activities that we are obliged to cancel due to unseen circumstances.