Haltwhistle Rings Walks

A series of 22 walks through all the historic parishes of Haltwhistle including walks up Haltwhistle Burn, the South Tyne Valley, and Hadrian's Wall among many others.

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Walk 1. 'Beech and Burn'


Walk 2. 'Just a Country Walk'


Walk 3. 'The Lovers' Walk - Gentle, Beautiful and Lots of Kissing Gates'


Walk 4. 'Reivers, Ghosts and Celts'


Walk 5. 'The Roman Wall… and the Vast Solitude to the North'


Walk 6. 'Bastles and Burn, Railways and Reivers'


Walk 7. 'From Old Dames to Clay Pipes'

Walk 8. 'A Unique Bridge, a Family Memory and a Fine Site'

Walk 9. 'Coal Mines and Prison Camps'

Walk 10. 'The Battling Prioress and an Historical Soap'


Walk 11. ‘Water Meadow Where the Green Sandpiper Plays’


Walk 13. 'Slaggyford – Then and Now'

Walk 14. ‘A Roman Pile and a Black Forest Honeymoon’


Walk 15. 'Quakers - A Walk for Friends'

Walk 16. 'The Queen Mother, Dormice and Dicky of Kingswood'

Walk 17. 'The Most Uncommon Common'

Walk 18. 'Legions, Legends and Lawlessness'

Walk 19. ‘The Roman Wall – Before, During and After’


Walk 20. ‘The Moss, the Reivers and an Aqueduct’


Walk 21. ‘A Castle Full of Treasure and Treasure from the Earth’


Walk 22. 'Magic Spells, Fame and Fortune'